Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Hundred and Seventy-Six!

Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2010 Houston, Texas

"Georgia Girls"

Deborah (Twinkle), Georgia Jan, Beth, me, Wendy (Mom of Eleven)

We Made it! We were SOOO excited!

Ok we are calming down... a little more sophisticated!

Ok time to "Press it In!" (Cliff Note Version!)

Wait one thing first... *** I just have to say something about scripture memory! I never in my life thought I could memorize 24 scriptures! I DID it! What an amazing, awesome, incredible thing to have these truths planted deep in your heart! I can't tell you what a gift this has been... thank you Beth! I am just so grateful to LPM for putting this challenge out there! I adore being able to pray them back... meditate on them... in a crisis lean on them... when you can't sleep go over them... and nothing is more exciting then when you are reading along in your Bible and you come across a scripture you memorized and you (or at least I do) leap with JOY inside your heart and think... "OH! Hi! I KNOW you! You are my FRIEND!" Anyway I have had that happen several times and it just makes me smile! : ) I am grateful!***

Ok here we go...

Psalm 119- How many verses... 176 verses... revealing Himself and His Will! 70 different Prayer requests!

I am a resident alien... seeking direction... in deep want of wonder.. in peril and need... troubled by humanity... especially my own... knowing that to follow is the only road... to a straying sheep longing to be found!

From Aleph to Tav (A- Z) 22x8=176... Testimonies 19x... Precepts 20x... Commandments 22x... Word, Promises, Sayings 22x.. Judgements 22x... Word 20x... TORAH- Law, teaching 24x

We Live to Hear Your Voice Lord!

- I am a resident alien
Built with a longing! We have eternity set in our hearts! : ) That is why death is so hard! Death is an enemy of God... last to go! Citizenship in a kingdom! 119:17-24 1 Peter 2:11 Ec 3:11

-Seeking Direction
We want to go with Him! If we are seeking Him we will know when to take the next step... Gives us enough light for the next step... Grace of God will carry us and sustain us!... If we know everything we will not need Him... we usually prophesy over our future with no grace! Your Word is like a lamp for my feet a light for my path! Psalm 119:105-112 Ps 119:34 Ps 119:66 Ps 119:125 Ps 119:144 Ps 119:169 Luke 24:45 Oh Lord Open our minds so we can understand! If we stay when His cloudy pillar moves we are going to dry up! We have choices!

- In Deep Want of Wonder
Only in Him can you find this wonder! Open my eyes so I can see your wonder! A deficit of wonder leads to depression and disenchantment! Psalm 73:13-17 Psalm 119:18 Open our eyes Lord to see the miracles in your teachings! Haven't been called into a cold relationship... but one full of Love, Delight, Joy, Wonder!

-In Peril and Need
We are constantly in peril and need- we are human on this terrestrial soil... when we feel our soul is in the dust- Cry out to Him! Revive Me! Breath Life into me again! A valid lament! Psalm 119:25 Ps119:28 Ps 119:107 Ps 119:58 If you see it in His word ask for it! (I love that!!!) Ask Him to give you Joy beyond your circumstances... to bring you a happy moment... give us some relief!

-Troubled by Humanity
Psalm 119:81-88 Ps 119:115-119 Ps 119:126 Ex 33:10 Psalm 139:11-18

- Especially My Own
I put myself here... how could you start something with the spirit and end it in the flesh... receive His forgiveness repent and get back on your feet... Lord make us a passionate people for God! Psalm 19:13 Blamelessness-not perfection (if we had that we would have will worship!) willful sin... dominion sin... LORD help me live free of these sins! It is for freedom that Christ has set you free! Psalm 119:9-11 Let the word take root! Hide it in your heart! Do not pass it on till it is planted! Hear the word then "PRESS it IN!"

- Knowing That to Follow is the Only Free Road!
I have chosen the way of truth! Psalm 119:30-32 I run in the path of Your commands because You have set my heart free!(I LOVE that!) Prayer is meant to relieve you! We don't need to take on the weight of the world! We are not God to people! If we get burdened after we pray we are still playing God... Get up and be FREE! Give it up to Him! : )

- To a Straying Sheep Longing to be found!
Psalm 119:169 Hear my cry to You Lord! Prone to wander Lord I feel it prone to leave the God I love! He sought us out!

One more point... not sure where it fell but one of my favorites! "You can't talk behind God's back because He will never turn His back on you!" : )

Ok time for some more pics! Love my Siestas!

Sunday at HFBC

Going Home : (

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fuzzytop said...

I am so glad that I finally met you! I have your name, well, FOREVER, on the blog, and yet we have never connected.

Loved your recap, especially the part about God never turning His back on us. I forgot that and need to add it to my notes immediately!

Much love,

Amanda May said...

AWESOME recap, Emmy!!
I was blessed to get to sit by and all your girls are super sweet. So glad you had an incredible weekend!! :)
Love, Amanda

Shelly said...

Loved your notes! Thanks for sharing!

Mom of Eleven said...

Great recap, maybe someday soon, I can get my pictures uploaded and do a recap too. I had the most awesome time, you are the best traveling companion. Except when scary men get upset about no water on a plane. But other than that, we have got this traveling thing down. Especially the running to the front row! Pressing it in!

Yolanda said...


I'm so sad that you and I didn't get our picture taken together. I so remember your sweet smile, thank you for reaching out to me.

Keeping those spirals going in 2010!


twinkle said...

By the way, I was awake at Pappasitos for this picture! I knew the minute the camera clicked that my eyes were blinking! Who in the world could sleep with that awesome group of Siestas?!?

I loved every minute of our girl time. I wish we had a picture of Jan when she came out of the spa! She could have just melted into a puddle of relaxation.

Love you forevermore...

Marla Taviano said...

Love the pics! You gals were crazy-cool!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I am glad you had fun in our little city!

And I LOVE a mom with 2 boys and 2 girls! Only your's are a tad bigger than mine!

Beautiful Daughters said...

I liked how you recapped the weekend! Pictures are fabulous!

Georgia Jan said...

Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy! I so miss you.

This time exactly one week ago I was pinging with the excitement of heading to the ATL to see you and Wendy and of course, traveling with my girl, Deborah!

Your notes are awesome! That was so much fun Saturday night in our room - going over all the notes and sharing together.

There's nothing like the sweet fellowship of like-minded sisters and our time together is a memory-maker for my heart!

Zeke was so glad to see Gran Jan and vice versa!

Looking forward to Woodstock and all that we will learn from our bff, Beth. Love.her.

Your friend and Georgia travelling partner,

Lora said...

Emmy dear,

I loved meeting you and being with you for worship on Sunday and the long, laugh-almost-every-moment flight home!

You are cracking me up - you want me to e-mail those *things* to you? Oh my! You bless me sweet Siesta. I will do.

So glad to find your home in bloggy land. Your family is darlin' too. We have a 16 year old and a fifteen year old too.

Blessed to have spent time with you,

valerie said...

I loved every part of the weekend & I love you, Emmy!
Thanks for praying with me. What a special, Spirit-filled woman of God you are.

I am putting Georgia on my list of places I want to visit. :) You Georgia gals are some of my favorites.


Leslie Young said...

Loved your recap! I wanna hang with you girls next time!!!

zoe2911 said...

Hi there, I am new to the LPM blog siestahood and noticed your blog... I rarely meet anyone who even knows who Brennan Manning is...much less has read his books. he is one of my very favorites also. Your comments about the scripture memory group really makes me want to join up!

God Bless!

Bev Brandon said...

Emmy, that was the kindest remark! Thank you, you made my evening! We were destined to have met if I had been able to stay but had to go unexpectedly and eagerly to my son's wedding celebration in Calif. It wasn't in the plan as we were finished with the destination wedding but he surprised me with a ticket as I couldn't afford to fly out to Calif. for a 3-hour party. Love your pictures of your precious kids and it brings back high school memories for me as my older 3 were born in 3 years. 3 in high school/ 3 in college---yikes that was an expensive trip! Then 7 years later the baby came. So we have 2 boys/2girls just like YOU! You look like so much fun and so real and genuine and humble and true! Hopefully, next time! My love to you and thank you again for the kind comment that touched a place in me. Bev

JMom said...

Emmy- I finally made it over here for the recap. What a blessing this trip looks like it was! Fun Fun!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful weekend it was! It was so nice meeting you. Valerie and I traveled together so I got to met some of her blogging friends as well as mine. It is a trip that I will not forget


Marla Taviano said...

Hey, Emmy-girl! For the box of books, just go to and click to donate $15. Make sure your address is correct on there, and I'll mail the books ASAP. Thank you!! Have a super week!

Bev Brandon said...

Okay, Emmy, I have to make this super quick cause it's too late & I teach in the a.m. After reading your precious comment I just had to come by and say you are my brand new BFF. Oh my goodness! I just feel really connected to you! And maybe we'll never meet but I can enjoy you here in blogworld. You are such a delight! And when I came to your profile page here---you listed Manning and Nouwen---oh my oh my oh my! Love them to pieces. And, it's never too late to jump in with us reading through Bible and 66 Love Letters, if you want to add one more thing to your life. We start Leviticus tomorrow. You could just read the commments from the beginning and pick up the gist. Or maybe another time. But just wanted you to know I have people joining way further down the road in later books of the Bible. Just thought I'd tell you that, just in case. I'd so love to hear your heart and I'm not blogging as much right now cause I have a senior in high school and I'm not missing a thing with him. So, here's your super quick response to your comment that meant so much to me!!! My Love to you sweet girl! Bev

Marla Taviano said...

Hey, beautiful. You gave me too much $. Did you want 2 envelopes of books too?

A Lily Among the Thorns said...

Girlfriend! How did I just make it over here to see this post? I'm just a tad late. Anyway, it was too much fun getting to hang and chat with you that weekend. You ladies were one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend. So genuine and funny! I also loved, loved, loved our conversation. I love nothing more than telling my story to someone so that it might encourage others. You are a great mama and are raising those kids so right!

Hope to see you soon! As in Atlanta!

Love ya, lady!


Lindsee Lou said...

Ugh! I just posted a whole comment to you and then accidentaly deleted the whole thing. So irritating! Anyway, I'm not sure how I haven't been to this post yet! I'm a tad late so I hope you'll forgive me. I just loved getting to spend Saturday with you ladies. Y'all are so genuine, authentic and hilarious. Definitely one of the highlights of my weekend! I especially loved our conversation. I love nothing more than sharing my story so that it will encourage or help someone. You are an awesome mama and are doing a great job at striving to raise your kids in a godly way. Just wait! There will be fruit!

Love ya, lady!

I hope I get to see you soon, as in Atlanta!


Kelly S. said...

This was a great recap!! So glad I got to meet you in Houston. Your family is beautiful :)

Diane said...

Thanks for the recap, Emmy! What an amazing reminder of our blessed weekend together! God's presence was felt in a HUGE way!!!

jennyhope said...

um hello! I love all of y'all! I wish I could have been there. I could have but I had no clue y'all were going!! boo!