Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Photos from this Spring!

I have been trying to organize my iPhoto (any tips?) ... of course I didn't get anything organized just enjoyed seeing all that has gone on! Here are a few... that made me smile!

Fishing with Dad! MH's big catch!

Middle School Spring Dance

Spring Break... mmm nothing better than some hot chocolate with whipped cream!

My 9 yr old loves to ride "Cricket"!

My oldest (16) is 6'2' an inch taller than my husband! He loved the fact he could finally "Pin Dad" ... of course he erased all the pictures of Dad "Pinning him!"

My 13 year old got the fine arts award for playing the Tuba! We still laugh he picked the Tuba... always makes me think of Veggie Tales!

My 14 yr old daughter got an "Oscar" for her science video... she was shocked! She thought she bombed it! You never know! : )

Getting Drivers License... yikes... see earlier post!

My Birthday Dinner so fun... they blindfolded me and took me to a fancy dinner!

Scout before summer shave!

****Whoever reads this I HOPE this didn't sound too much like one of those bragging Christmas letters... I think it may have... but I promise that wasn't my intent... these were just some of the Joys we have had this spring and I wanted to share... we never usually get awards... (although I think ATT should give us one for using the most text messages and cell phone minutes!)... and I guess you really don't take a lot of pictures of the trying times (which are many with four kids and well just life)****

Thanks for sharing life with us! Emmy : )

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