Tuesday, October 9, 2007


OKAY I have something HUGE to share!!! Something SO COOL that God did!!!!! He is SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!! I love to hear these kind of things so I thought maybe you all do too?? This past weekend I went to Colorado for the "Captivating Conference" John and Stasi Eldredge (SO AMAZING!!! POWERFUL!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!) I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!! (I PRAY!) THANK GOODNESS!!! If any of you get a chance to go it is a MUST!!! Anyway...the morning of the first full day we kind of had the heavy talk about our wounds we have received etc...you know the kind of talk...the reasons why we believe the lies about ourselves that aren't true!?! Anyway after the talk Stasi said we were to have about a 45 min covenant silence time to go talk to Jesus to linger in His presence...to invite Him into those places where we were wounded...b/c that is the place where true transformation begins and the healing and beauty will come (I'm probably not explaining it right....) but hopefully you know what I mean...Anyway everyone was crying...we all went outside...to different spots to reflect, pray, sit at His feet...it was a GLORIOUS day....overlooking a valley with mountains surrounding you! God's presence was so huge! BEAUTIFUL! Then all of a sudden TWO not ONE but TWO RAINBOWS appeared! (NO RAIN IN SIGHT I MIGHT ADD!!!) Now is that LOVE or what! As Beth would say WHEWWWW!!!! I was on my face crying everyone's mouth dropped open! I cry to think about it! He was there telling all His BELOVED wounded daughters "I AM HERE!!!! MY PROMISES ARE REAL!!!!" "In this world you will have trouble....BUT TAKE HEART I HAVE OVERCOME the WORLD!!!!" Girls HE LOVES us so much! He is PASSIONATE about us! He wants us to be FREE! We are FREE!!!!! He wants to KISS us awake! His pursuit of you took Him to the Cross! He wants to give us strength and courage to move beyond our wounds! He wants us to know that we are His BELOVED...we are HIS CHOSEN, REDEEMED, SOUGHT AFTER, HOLY, DEAR, PRECIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, DELIGHTED IN, DARLING DAUGHTERS!!! HIS RADIANT BRIDE!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank You Jesus!

(I took this picture with my camera phone about 30min or so after the rainbows first appeared...the 2nd one had already gone...by the way this one disappeared right after the 45 min silent time...how cool is that! I love you Lord! )