Saturday, February 23, 2008

Please Pray for Chas!

This is my precious nephew, Chas! (picture taken just two hours before accident) We are so grateful for the enormous outpouring of prayers; little Chas needs every one of them!

Chas fell while skiing in Chamonix, France, on Monday (February 18). He was airlifted to one hospital nearby and then airlifted again to another hospital in Grenoble, where he remains.

Chas has a hematoma on the left side of his brain and and a broken wrist.

He is still in a coma and has no movement on his right side. Please pray for sweet Chas... that Jesus would just wake him up! That there would be no brain damage and he would have movement on right side! That my brother and sister in law would be flooded with peace and just feel God's presence mightily in the PICU! Thank you so much!

I know God is working we had a PRAISE yesterday afternoon... they removed the ventilator (as you can see happy parents below!) He did flutter his eyes and griped my sister in laws finger with left hand! Praise you Lord!

So lets keep praying! Thank you so much for caring! I just LOVE the Body of Christ! So sweet how you all care! Thank you for being a reflection of Him to us! God Bless you all! Emmy : )

**Praise Update**
Thank you all so much for praying! Chas is doing so much better... he still is in a Coma... but on a coma scale 1-15 (1-3 being the worst) he is now a 10... he was a 3 then a 7 now a 10 (YEAH) he has even tried to smile! He still in unconscious about 20 or so hours a day but for a couple of those hours when he seems to come out of it he will open his eyes even try to smile when a joke is told! I am so excited I am about to burst! Thank you so much for praying! I just know he will have a full recovery! Please don't stop praying I know that is why he is doing so well... we still have a LONG way to go... thank you for caring!
Love you all! Emmy : )