Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Scout you will be SO missed! You can run now!

November 2001-July 1, 2009

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Old dogs are like old friends. I am truly sorry.

JMom said...

Emmy! I did not know he passed away!!! I am so sorry!

Mom of Eleven said...

Emmy and Family, I am so sad for you and so sorry for your grief.

dancing queen said...

Dear Mrs. Emmy,I am so sorry your dog died. Tell M.H. that Sally said hi.P.S.I want you to go to my blog:Sally Say What? Go to mom of eleven and it is one of the links.:)

Sarah said...

Emmy, I found your blog through Jen at Lots of Scotts tonight and stopped cold when I saw your latest post, about your puppy Tucker, and then this one.

We had a puppy, Tucker, who died of a bone disease when he was just a few months old. The dog we got when he died was Scout, our golden retriever, who's 6 now and is our sweetest companion. I'm already sad seeing the white hairs on his face.

I'm sorry you lost your Scout, and hope that your Tucker will prove to be your next sweetest companion!

The Better Me said...


i found your blog and was looking through some old posts. you have a great family but I had to comment on this post. today my dog turns 8 and at the vet last week i was told that he was entering into his "older" years and how big dogs don't live as long as small ones. I am sad knowing that my sweet boy who I got when he was six weeks old is getting towards the end. He has been my best friend for the last eight yrs and I am not sure how I am going to handle him getting older and dying. I am saving this post as a bookmark because while its sad it also made me smile. thanks for sharing this.

god bless.