Friday, May 22, 2009

Things that make me smile! : ) Part 1

This post is so random... I was going through iPhoto trying to clean it up and I was just so thankful to God for so many things... these are some of the many pictures that just make me smile... It still takes forever for me to post a picture! Need some blogging basics I think! : ) This is long... get ready!

My Family! Easter 2009!

The Cross... all the kids read a scripture and place a flower in the cross!

My hand Painted prayer journal from a friend! (Y'all so sweet my friend went to get me a prayer journal and they didn't have any that looked like me... so she took a plain one to our friend Cabell, who is the best artist, she hand painted it just for me! Don't you love just being known... I love that... so special!) Is it not just adorable! My only problem now is that I am scared to write in it! I don't want to mess it up! : )

Flowers my friend gave me for my birthday... My "I'm Believing God" platter my dear friend, Cabell, painted for me... it has the five pledge of faith statements around the Hydrangeas... I love it! : )

Watching my Boys Playing Lacrosse!

Sorry, I know this is gross... but it's my son's all time favorite picture! : )

A little at home surgery needed! How sterile do you think this is??Getting Started!

Faithful Assistant

Better Bite that gauze pretty hard!


Such Fun Late Night Entertainment!

The End! Oh my handsome boys! Good Work Dad! : )

Watching my daughter cheer! Amazed how she does her leg like that! I think we just did Herkeys (sp?)

Wanting hair that looks like Taylor Swift!

Baby Emmy! : )

Having Chas come visit! He is doing so well! (with my Dad)
My "Tuesday Bible Study Girls"

Surprising our friend JMom from "Lots of Scotts" for the Heart Walk! She was the honoree!

Scout and Lilly

First Prom

My daughter having spend the night company!

More to come... whew that was long! : )

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lori said...

Awe I was so happy to see a post from you. And the picture of chas, he looks great. And the bloody picture of your son, it would be my sons favorite picture too.

Cant wait for more

Mom of Eleven said...

Oh wow! You guys have been busy. Thanks for the updates. I miss you,

JMom said...

I love this post....such happiness and joy!!!!!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Your children are so beautiful!!

I have four but they are still very small. Seeing yours is like a glimpse into my future :)

Georgia Jan said...

Emmy: Thank you so much...they made me smile too! And as the Mom of boys (and one grandboy), I thought the bloody picture was quite cool!

Miss you!
Romans 15:13

jennyhope said...

I love all of them!! how precious!
is your husband a dr? I was about to pass out seeing the surgery! BLESS!!

emmy cerveny said...

Emmy I can't sleep and so I read your BlOG it is wonderful!! i love it!! I am lying here praying looking across the river at the cross on St. Vincent's and I think of the people that work there and i always think of Barritt-he is so wonderful and your beautiful children! I love them so much it hurts!! I love you so much too!! I am so proud of you Emmy and it makes my heart sing that we get to chat so often and even better that i got to be iwth you last weekend!1 God Bless. Mom