Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on my nephew Chas!

Here is an update on Chas... instead of rewriting it... I just copied what my brother wrote on Caring Bridge... Thanks for caring girls! It means SO much!

"One of the wonders of having a child recover from a Traumatic brain injury is that you have a second opportunity to experience the marvels of your child's "first" achievements. In Grenoble it started with the marvel of seeing him move and then open his eyes for the first time. At GOSH (Great Ormand Street Hospital) we experienced the joy of seeing Chas sit-up, stand and eat for the first time. His first steps made us cry and even the nurse leapt for joy the first time he said her name. The problem is the number of observable milestones are limited --after Chas woke, walked and talked for the "first time", the subsequent post coma achievements are much more subtle. The retention of life skills (such as the ability to get dressed, brush your teeth, etc) may not be exciting to read about --but they are critical to Chas and his development. However, Monday night Chas had another break through, in fact, he was a so excited that he could not sleep. As we came home late Chas bounded out of his bedroom with a proud grin and simply said , "I can ride my bike". Twelve weeks ago this kid could not even move the right side of his body. Like us, Chas is still coming to terms with his accident (eg. He recently admitted he thought he had broken his ankle as even Chas could not fully comprehend that his lack of movement was due to the damage of a complex neural network that controlled the movement down to his toes).
While we are happy with Chas' progress and increasing independence, we still pray for his immediate and full recovery. Nevertheless, as we marvel at Chas and his recovery, we now realise that much of the wonder remains entangled in the journey."

Thank you for all your prayers! God is Working! Praise you Jesus! : )

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Nancy said...

Praise God for the healing that has occurred so far for Chas. What a wonderful wonderful thing.

I pray he is restored in full.

wendymom said...

God is so faithful to us ALL. Praise the Lord their prayers and our prayers are being answered with this healing. We pray for continued milestones in days to come.

lori said...

Thanks for the update, ever since I stumbled on your blog I have thought of him often. I will still be praying for him each time God brings him to my mind. He looks great!

Susan said...

Yay Chas! I am so happy to read about his "firsts" and how great he is doing.

Love the new blog style, too!

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Love your blog! And praise God regarding your nephew Chas. How awesome is he!?!
Blessings, Angie Seaman