Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Day!

Thank you SO much for all your prayers! Chas has had an awesome week! He is slowly re-learning how to swallow and even ate some french fries today! They say once the swallowing comes back that usually speech is next! He also got to go to therapy today in the gym... He walked (well his Mom said not quite) but with lots of help down and back on the parallel bars... we will take it! Yeah! God is working! Praise him! Keep praying girls supposedly it is a long, long, road... but I thank Him for these milestones... everyone had such hope today that Chas is coming back! I am smiling so big as I write this!

***Surprise Visit***

This is so cool! England and Chelsea's midfielder, Joe Cole, (huge football (soccer) star in England) came for a surprise visit! Chas was elated! (So were his parents!) He brought Chas his jersey that he had worn in a match the night before! He also told Chas that he would sign his cast but not the jersey... as for the jersey... he told Chas- when you get well and out of the hospital I want you to bring it to a game... come in the locker room and have the whole team sign it! Can you imagine a young boys heart! (This is equivalent if not bigger than the NFL over there) and after that he wanted Chas to run out on the field with him to celebrate! Ok here is the cutest part... he then wanted Chas to sit with all their girlfriends during the game! : )

(The Chelsea Football Club also sent Chas a YouTube type get well video with about 5 players encouraging Chas! So fun!)

Thank you again sweet angel friends... for all your thoughts, prayers, caring, checking up on us etc...(especially when most of you have absolutely no idea who I am!) I am so grateful to Jesus for each and everyone of you! May God richly bless you precious girls! You certainly have blessed me!

Emmy : )


JMom said...

How incredible! I am so glad he is making progress.
As for the celebrity visit: What a terrific thing, to bring such smiles to Frank, Gretchen and Chas' faces!

wendymom said...

Oh Emmy, I am praising Jesus, what a miracle of the Lord. I haven't checked in to see the progress and WOW, Chas was standing. Thank you Jesus for another miracle of you healing Hand. What an awesome experience for Chas to meet that player. What motivation to GET WELL FAST!!!
Yes, let's do lunch soon. Maybe after Easter and Spring Break, Whew, there's always something!!

valerie said...

Emmy, this is so amazing. I remember the first post you wrote asking prayer and seeing the picture of him lying there with his eyes closed in a coma, and now to see him smiling and up walking and to hear that he's eating french fries! I am so thankful for this miracle. It is such a blessing and an honor to have been led to pray for Chas.
What a neat experience for those celebrities to come to visit him.
Thanks for the update. I am blessed today.

jennyhope said...

This is so precious and made me tear up