Monday, March 3, 2008

Frank and Chas

I thought this was a sweet picture of my brother and Chas!


JMom said...

I love this!!! Oh, Daddy Love!

valerie said...

Emmy, what a precious picture of Chas and his dad. I continue to lift the entire family up to our Father.
Please pass along to them that someone from OK who doesn't even know them is praying and believing for complete healing for this little one.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Emmy, still continuing to pray for Chas and family...

Honea Household said...

I found your blog on Baby Bangs. I will certainly be lifting up your nephew. That is so scary! Thank God for the improvements so far!

Thank you for praying for Sherry and her sister and best friend. Sherry is one of my good friends, also.

THESE 3 KINGS said...

Hi. I stumbled across your blog by stumbling across your friend blog( jmom). :)
Just wanted you to know I am praying for your nephew
.. I am so thankful that we can trust in God's Sovereign hand in all of this, we dont have to fear because He has our good and his glory at heart.. and even still TODAY..HE IS A MIRACLE WORKER!!

grace to you my new found sister

jennyhope said...

this is so special to. I am just in Awe!

Fran said...

Oh Emmy!
I'm getting caught up and just want to scream hallelujah!!!

This is simply beautiful!!

God doing His glorious thing!!

Ok...back to reading some more! :)