Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Fun!

I have NO idea why in the world I let them do this... but it was my birthday and I was in a good mood! I have to say I have never seen my two oldest love their little brother more!


Such excitement!

Samurai Ponytail!
Too late to go back now!

Lloyd Christmas!

A little too many chunks taken off the back... oops...

Oh no... need to get shorter blade to cover up mistakes!

T wants a try!


He likes it! Hysterical! Only a few bald spots... and a little shorter than anticipated... but he did make 50 bucks (he charged anyone who wanted to cut $10) Of course we all had to jump in!

May not be the best buzz cut... but oh the memories! Makes me smile!

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JMom said...

Awesome!! Cant wait to see it in person!

Lora said...

Happy belated birthday Emmy!

I love the pictures - Lizzy's expression when he cut the ponytail off is too cute!

And if that is your lovely, ivy clad historic home in the background...oh my, I love historic homes! When we lived in NC, we lived in the historic district. We thought we would build when we moved here and after looking for quite some time, decided we are old house people!

It was soo good to see you!

Mom of Eleven said...

That is hilarious!! I missed your birthday!! We must have coffee soon! Happy late Happy day!
love you,

twinkle said...

Great family together time!
I just wanted to wish you a happy Mother's Day today!
Enjoy your day...

Sherry said...

What a brave soul! Also, Happy Birthday!